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Gauranga Magriplis; AirShare Co-Founder and self confessed aviation nerd. Gauranga first realised his love of aviation when taking a gap year after after high school and travelling a lot! It was on a flight from Brisbane to Queenstown, New Zealand that the light-bulb moment struck. Fast forward six months and Gauranga had started a Bachelor of Aviation at Griffith University in Brisbane.

After graduating in December 2015 with a Bachelor of Aviation and bit of a spicy tab owing to the Australian Federal Government it was time to make that bill sting even more! In Feburary of 2016 Gauranga began flight training at Australian Wings Academy on the Gold Coast. There is nothing quite like learning to operate and fly an aircraft in and out of an international airport. To this day Gauranga is among the fastest people to achieve first solo flight in a tiny 8.5 hours (normally 12-15). In mid 2017 he found himself at the end of his flight training now holding a Commercial Pilots Licence and a Multi-Engine Command Instrument Rating both of which begging the question of what the hell to do next?

After a hunt to get a job as a pilot in the general aviation industry that was severely dampened by a bit of a Shark Tank addiction and a serious desire to start something amazing. He turned down a job offer and instead decided to intrude unannounced on the residence of good friend and now co-founder Jack Buscombe! "He climbed onto my roof and came flying through my window as i was playing the piano" Jack loves to recount. To which Gauranga always replies "Well you didn't answer your front door so what else did you expect me to do?". And the rest as they say is history!

Learning to fly, it is something that just about everyone thinks about at some point in life! So whether you are interested in becoming a pilot, having a great experience or starting an awesome hobby this is our complete guide to learning to fly and getting a pilots licence in Australia! We will outline the differences between all the various licences, medicals and avenues that one can take to learn to fly!

Where do I start?

There are a number of avenues that will allow you to gain a pilots licence. The main difference is whether you want to become a pilot as a career or if you want to learn for fun and a hobby. If you are looking to learn to fly for fun or as a hobby the best avenue to explore is Recreational Aviation Australia (RAAus). So it is important to decide what suits your needs and then go from there!

The different licences are:

  • Recreational Pilot Certificate (RPC)
  • Recreational Pilot Licence (RPL)
  • Private Pilot Licence (PPL)
  • Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL)
  • Multi-Engine Command & Instrument Rating (MECIR - While this is not a licence but a rating it is an essential part of being able to get a job in the industry as it allows you to fly aircraft with more than one engine and in IFR conditions. More on this later.)
  • Air Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL)

At this point of the article if you are brand new to flying I think it is important to note that everything in aviation is competency-based. For example, learning to fly can take longer for some than it does for others. The average number of hours to achieve a CPL is 200. However, if you excel at your training you can complete it in less. On the other hand, if you fall behind a bit which can happen it may take a few more hours.

Recreational Pilot Certificate -

The Jabiru J230. The Typical Aircraft You would fly with a Recreational Pilot Certificate.

The RPC is an inexpensive and quick way to learn how to fly. Granted it does not afford the pilot many privileges. It does however provide you with an excellent way to become a recreational pilot.

How do you get a Recreational Pilot Certificate?

All it involves are a handful of exams, and if you nail all the flying component you can complete your certificate in only 20 hours.

How Much does it cost to get a RPC?

The RPC can very affordable and you can achieve one from only about $6000-$8000!

What does the RPC allow me to do?

Someone that holds an RPC is allowed to fly an aircraft that is RA Aus registered aircraft with 1 or 2 seats with a maximum takeoff weight no more than 600kg from an uncontrolled aerodrome in uncontrolled airspace no further than 25 nautical miles from the aerodrome. You are also not allowed to take passengers and you can only fly by day in visual meteorological conditions (VMC).

Optional Endorsements:

Passenger Carriage Endorsement - This allows you to take a passenger on a flight.

Cross Country Endorsement - This allows you to fly beyond the 25 nautical mile restriction and to fly to anywhere in Australia.

While there are plenty more endorsements like operating a radio and flying in and out of controlled airspace/aerodromes. You are likely to gain these during your training towards the RPC. It is important to research your flight school to see what is included in the initial RPC.

Recreational Pilots Licence (RPL) -

The RPL is more or less The Civil Aviation Safety Authority's (CASA) version of the RPC. While most of the limitations on the RPC are the same. The main difference is that someone that holds an RPL can fly an aircraft that is CASA registered with a Maximum Take-Off Weight (MTOW) of no more than 1500kg. Other than that all of the same limitations apply to the RPL as they do to the RPC. One will need the same endorsements to fly beyond these limitations.

Private Pilot Licence (PPL) -

Flying Lesson Brisbane
Flight Lesson in The Diamond 40 Aircraft

The next step up from the RPL is the PPL. This is generally where flying schools will skip over the other two (RPL and/or RPC) and start training students for the PPL. The private pilot licence under the regulations allows the holder to do a lot more than the RPL. As opposed the RPL where the holder must gain the core licence then the endorsements to operate in and out of controlled airspace etc most of this comes as standard. The holder of a PPL is allowed to fly in VFR conditions by day. They are allowed to fly any single-engine aircraft and act as the pilot in command, so long as the operation is PRIVATE. That is the main caveat here, someone that holds a PPL is not allowed to fly in any commercial operation. Under the PPL students are also allowed to act as pilot in command in a training situation.

Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) -

If you are wanting to earn money for your flying you will need to gain a CPL. This removes a lot of the limitations of the PPL and most importantly allows you to be employed as a pilot by a company that holds an Air Operators Certificate (AOC).

A commercial pilot licence allows you to fly private and commercial operations.

You can be the co-pilot in any operation and the pilot-in-command of any operation except the following:

  • multi-crew aircraft in charter or regular public transport operations
  • an aeroplane certified for single-pilot operations with a maximum take-off weight (MTOW) of more than 5700kg in regular public transport operations
  • turbojet aeroplanes with a MTOW of more than 3500kg in regular public transport operations.

You must hold the appropriate aircraft category on your CPL and the class or type rating for the aircraft you want to fly.

If you want to fly as pilot-in-command or co-pilot in a multi-crew operation, as well as holding the appropriate aircraft rating, you must have completed an approved course of training in multi-crew cooperation.

Multi-Engine Command & Instrument Rating (MECIR) -

Diamond 42 twin engine aircraft
The Diamond 42 Twin Engine Aircraft.

The MERCIR is actually two ratings. One the Multi-Engine component and one the Instrument rating component. Generally speaking, a school will teach them together and you will receive both ratings at once.

As the name suggests the MECIR allows the holding to operate aircraft with more than one engine (provided they hold the appropriate aircraft category if needed) and it will allow a pilot to fly in conditions of poor visibility and low cloud base. It also allows you to conduct an instrument approach into an airport where one exists. For these reasons, the MECIR is an essential part of being able to progress and work as a pilot in the aviation industry.

Air Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL) -

Air Asia A330 Take-Off From Gold Coast (YBCG) Airport Australia

Gaining an ATPL involves 7 theory exams and a flight test. The ATPL allows you to act as a captain in a regular public transport (RPT) or airline operation. Once you have completed your theory exams you will be issued with a frozen APTL. The frozen APTL becomes a Full APTL once you have completed the flight test. This flight test will normally be done for you by a check and training captain that works in the same organisation that you do.

Aviation Medicals

In aviation, there are really only 2 types of medicals that are required.

The Class One Medical is valid for 1 year and is a requirement of the CPL. So if you lose your Class One Medical you are no longer allowed to fly for a job.

The Class Two Medical is valid for 4 years and it is a requirement of the PPL to hold a Class Two Medical or better.

One of the key differences of the RPC is that if you have a drivers licence you do not need to get an aviation medical. As the medical component of the drivers licence (almost none) will allow you to hold the RPC.

At this point, you might be wondering how do you get an aviation medical? For a doctor to issue a medical they must be a Designated Aviation Medical Examiner (DAME) you can see a full list of approved DAMEs CLICK HERE.

From Zero to CPL -

CASA Flight Crew Licence

In this section, we are going to go through a kind of roadmap that will outline the steps and what to expect when you decide to become a student pilot and start training to get a CPL.

The first thing that a lot of pilots and flight schools will recommend you do before you start flight training is to do a Trial Introductory Flight (TIF). This is where an instructor will take you on a flight lesson and put you through some exercises to see if you are a good fit for flying. And most importantly to see if you like it and feel like you are a good fit!

So assuming that you complete a TIF and you loved it. It was challenging and incredible and you want to start flight training full time! Next, it is really important to do some research and see what flight schools are in your area and a good fit. Once you have found the flight school that works for you it is all systems GO!

PPL Training -

As mentioned earlier in this article working towards the PPL is where most training providers will start In order for you to gain a PPL you must meet a number of requirements. All of these aspects of training and lessons will be covered off by your training provider:

  • You must be at least 17 years old to hold a PPL
  • You must have passed the PPL theory exam
  • You must meet the minimum aeronautical experience requirements (35 hours)
  • You must hold a Class 2 Aviation Medical (Or better)
  • You must speak, read and understand English at a minimum of aviation level 4 English language proficiency
  • You must complete all your flight training at a Part 141 or Part 142 flight training organisation, And;
  • You must pass the PPL practical flight exam
Basic Aeronautical Knowledge (BAK) - During your training you will become very familiar with this book!

The road to PPL if you are studying full time should take you about 3-5 months. Your initial training will include a lot of theory where you will become very acquainted with the Basic Aeronautical Knowledge (BAK) book. The first flight lessons you will take will simply involve learning how to control and manipulate an aircraft in flight. You will embark on your first navigational exercise and learn how to fly circuits. All of this in preparation for your first, and most exciting milestone; FIRST SOLO.

First solo is when your flight instructor has deemed you capable and safe to fly 1 circuit of the airport. This involves taxiing that aircraft, all the radio work, take-off, flying the standard circuit pattern and safely landing the aircraft. From here the bulk of the training will be navigation exercises and command hour building (solo navigation exercises).

CPL Training -

Once you have attained your Private Pilot Licence and are wanting to continue your training in order to work as a pilot the CPL is your next step!

Gaining a CPL involves 7 theory exams:

  • Human Factors
  • Navigation
  • Performance
  • Air Law
  • Meteorology
  • Aerodynamics
  • Aircraft General Knowledge (AGK)

Each exam requires 70% to pass and if you fail 3 times you are barred from sitting the exam again for 3 months.

The flying component of your CPL involved getting your total flying hours to 150 for integrated courses or 200 hours for non-integrated. The hours gained during your PPL count towards your total. In order to gain a CPL you must meet the following hour requirements:

  • 150 hours of total flying experience
  • 70 hours of which must be as the pilot in command
  • 20 hours of that must be pilot in command cross-country flying ( At least 300 nautical miles during which a full-stop landing is made at each of two aerodromes not within the flight training area for the aerodrome from which the fight began)
  • 10 Hours of Instrument flying
  • 5 Hours of which must be in an aircraft

Once you have completed all the required exams and training you are allowed to attempt the CPL practical flight exam. The requirements of which are:

  • You must be 18 or older
  • Speak, read and understand English at a minimum of aviation level 4 English language proficiency
  • Meet the training requirements and possess the minimum aeronautical experience of 150 hours as per Part 61 (detailed above)
  • Pass the 7 CPL theory exams
  • Hold a Class 1 Aviation Medical
  • Have passed the CPL practical flight test
Shark Bank Scenic Flight
Shark Bay - Western Australia: Where you can only hope your first flying job will be!

Once you have completed that you are free to find work as a pilot or continue to gain more qualifications. While we have provided a simplified version of what you will have to achieve and know there are a lot of things that we have not even touched on. Such as Part 61 which is the licensing section of the regulations that you will need to know like the back of your hand among heaps of other things. And while it may only take you a year or two to complete your CPL training. The journey of learning, licencing and renewing licences in aviation never stops! So be prepared to always learn and never assume you know everything!

The mighty extra 300 is a tried and tested aerobatic aircraft. The machine is the brainchild of German aircraft stunt pilot and plane maker Walter Extra. Walter Extra started his aircraft manufacturing company Extra Flugzeugbau (or simply Extra Aircraft) in 1980.

Born out of Extra Aircraft are:

  • Extra 200
  • Extra 230
  • Extra 260
  • Extra 300
  • Extra 330

But arguably the most popular variant is the Extra 300. It was designed in 1987 and since then has been used for aerobatics, training, air displays and for military training aircraft. With one of the most famous users of this aircraft being Redbull. Part of what makes the Extra 300 so special is the fact that it has the ability to operate under the Unlimited Category. This essentially means that it can do any maneuver you throw at it and more!

The aircraft itself has been stressed to ±10 G with one occupant and to ±8 with two. What this means is that it can perform all aerobatic tasks without really every getting close to exceeding the maximum structural loading.

Vertical Take-off in an Extra 300.

How much does an Extra 300 cost?

If you are in the market for an Extra 300 there are a few options. With 12 variants of The Extra 300, a brand new aircraft will cost around $500,000USD. While a used one with only a few hours of total time can be in the range of $350,000-$400,000USD.

How much does it cost to operate an extra 300?

The typical operating cost of an Extra 300 can be between $650-$1000 per hour. This of course varies depending on whether the flight is duel or solo and if you own the aircraft or not.

So assuming that you are duel and don't own the aircraft here is a rough breakdown:

  • Fuel burn (52L/h): $140
  • Pilot Time: $200
  • Insurance: $60
  • Maintenance: $100
  • Aircraft Hire: $250
  • Airport/Airspace fees: $70
  • Total: $820

Development and design

The aerobatic monoplane is an upgrade on the Extra 230. The aircraft is constructed from a steel body that is wrapped in aluminium fabric. The Extra 300 is a taildragger aircraft and has fixed landing gear constructed of fibreglass. The wings of the Extra 300 are built from high-quality carbon fibre composite making them very strong and lightweight. The spar that supports the wings is also constructed of this material, this in part is what allows a pilot to put the aircraft under such extreme loads and it having no adverse consequences on the aircraft.

Extra 300 Specifications

Fuel, Powerplant and Performance:
  • Fuel capacity: 50 US Gallons or 189L
  • Powerplant:  Lycoming AEIO-540-L1B5 - Air cooled, 6 cylinder, 300 horsepower
  • Prop: 3 or 4-bladed MT-Propeller composite constant-speed propeller
  • Cruise speed: 171 knots
  • Vs (Stall speed): 55 kn
  • VNE (Velocity Never Exceed): 220 knots
  • Va Manoeuvring speed: 158 knots
Aircraft Dimensions:
  • Length: 6.9 m (22 ft 8 in)
  • Wingspan: 8 m (26 ft 3 in)
  • Height: 2.6 m (8 ft 6 in)
  • Wing area: 10.7 m2 (115 sq ft)
Weights and Associated G Loading:
  • Empty weight: 660 kg (1,455 lb) equipped
  • Max takeoff weight: 
  1. 950 kg (2,094 lb) 2-pilot normal (+6g / -3g)
  2. 870 kg (1,918 lb) 2-pilot aerobatic (+8g / -8g)
  3. 820 kg (1,808 lb) 1-pilot aerobatic (+10g / -10g)

Aerobatics, maybe you have heard of it? Maybe you have no idea what it is? Perhaps you only clicked on this because of the cool pictures? To put it simply it is essentially acrobatics...BUT instead of a person it is an aircraft doing all the interesting maneuvers. Considered the most extreme of sports, aerobatics pilots are among the best in the world and spend just as much time in the air as they do on the ground!

In order to understand what aerobatics is, you need to understand the concept of G-Force or G-Loading. Where "G" is the normal force you experience from gravity. When standing or sitting on the surface of the earth you will experience 1G, it is comfortable and you won't even notice it! On a commercial aircraft the G-Force you will experience is between 1G & 1.5G and you hardly even notice it. On some of the most extreme roller coasters you might experience a maximum of about 4G.

Aerobatics is the next step up, for a flight to even be considered aerobatic it needs to at some point pull at least 5G, with some aircraft and stunt planes having the ability to do up to 10G.

Aerobatic Maneuvers

There are lots of aerobatic maneuvers that a pilot can fly, we are going to cover some of the basic and most common ones like loops and the figure eight!


Great to watch and a lot of fun to do! Everyone knows what they are and I am sure you can picture one in your mind now. It is when an aircraft goes from straight and level flight into a nose down attitude to gather speed. Shortly after the pilot will pull back on the aircraft controls to start the loop. This is done on a high power setting and the pilot will continue to pull back on the controls to the point that the aircraft is now upside down. From this point in the loop you pull back on the controls a bit more and slowly pull out of the loop.

Aerobatics Loop
Pilots Skillfully Perform Formation Loop.
Figure Eight

Perhaps the most spectacular to watch! This maneuver is more or less two loops joined together, making the shape of an "8" in the air. Flying this may be one of the more skillful stunts to perform, mainly because it can be quite hard on the body being exposed to so much force for such a long time!


In Aerobatics a roll is the rotation about the longitudinal axis. This is one of the less difficult maneuvers to perform. It is done by putting one of the winds into a stall. It is a staple at aviation shows and in aerobatics competitions!

The Wingover

The wingover is an amazing maneuver to watch and requires a good amount of aviation experience and aerobatic skills. This is where pilots the the aircraft from straight and level flight and rotates the aircraft 90 degrees along the longitudinal axis. Which means one wing points to the sky and one at the ground. Pilots then rolls between one wing up and one wing down.

Aerobatic Aircraft

In order to perform aerobatics you have to be in an aircraft that can handle all the extra stress and G-Loading that the pilot will put it under while flying. The aircraft needs to be able to withstand at a minimum ±6G and up to ±10G. This means that you cannot do these high G maneuvers in a normal transport category aircraft as you run the risk of the aircraft breaking up during flight.

Here are some common stunt planes and aerobatic aircraft:

Fixed wing -

Rotary Wing -

Yak 52 Aerobatic Aircraft
The Famous Yak 52 - One of The Most Common Aerobatic Birds!

How to become an aerobatics pilot?

Aerobatics is pretty much the most extreme sport there is. The only jobs that a pilot can do to use an aerobatic rating is to either teach, compete in competitions or take passengers for extreme thrill rides. If you are interested learning to fly aerobatics the first thing to do would be to learn how to fly an aircraft and then get an aerobatic rating with either a Private Pilot Licence (PPL) or a Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL). From having either a PPL or CPL the rating will only take a few weeks to attain!

How safe is aerobatics?

Like everything in aviation safety comes first and it is even more important with aerobatics. While there is an amount of inherent risk when you are doing such complex maneuvers at high speed, there are a lot of systems put into place to ensure it is as safe as possible. From the maintenance of the aircraft or stunt plane to the aircraft being maintained to the correct standards that suit the operation. Perhaps most importantly the pilot recency and training. There are a lot of measures put into place to ensure that the flight is safe.

Even though the very nature of the flight is for the pilot to place the aircraft into unusual and at times unstable situations. There should not ever be an instance of the pilot being unable to recover from the unusual position in space. In addition to this there should never be a time in an aerobatic flight or any flight for that matter that the pilot is not in full control of the situation.

Recovering from an unusual attitude

The most common thing that the pilot will do while doing an aerobatic flight is to put the aircraft into unusual situations and then recover. So it is very important for a pilot to know how to recover from these. One of the most common situations is where the aircraft has a high nose and low airspeed. Left unchecked it will progress into the aircraft stalling. Simply put, a stall is where the wings of an aircraft are producing more drag than lift. This typically occurs when the aircraft nose is high with low power and low speed. As you can imagine this is not uncommon in a aerobatic flight.

Aerobatics Extra 300
Inverted Flight In An Extra 300.

In order to recover from something like this is pretty easy. As most fixed wing aircraft have a high amount of dynamic stability. This is to say that if the pilot removes their hands from the controls it will try to return to a state of equilibrium. So to recover from a stall all a pilot must do is point the nose of the aircraft down while applying rudder to balance the aircraft and apply full power. You only need to hold it like this for a few seconds until the aircraft has enough speed again to maintain level flight.

How much is an aerobatic flight?

The things to consider when buying an aerobatic flight is the aircraft itself, the size of it (fuel consumption) and the higher level of aircraft maintenance and pilot training needed to perform it. All this means that prices are normally $300 and above. While you can get budget options for other types of flying activities, this will never be the case for aerobatics because they are very costly for the aircraft operator to do well and with a high level of safety.

Perth Robin Aerobatic
The Robin 2160 In Inverted Flight.

Ron Williams just might be 2020s oldest person to skydive!

It all started when we received a phone call from a chap named Michael looking to put himself and his 92 year old father-in-law, Ron, on our Redcliffe 15,000ft Skydive. Ron had been wishing to go skydiving for several years and he decided it was finally time to bite the bullet. He was the driving force behind the decision to dive from 15,000ft and Michael had no say in the matter. While the world record for the oldest person to skydive is held by Adelaide Grandmother Irene who did it at 103 years of age we think Ron is the eldest to dive in 2020! Which in itself is an amazing achievement.

Photo of Ron before signing in for his skydive!

They were scheduled to jump last Wednesday afternoon. At around 1:30PM AEST, Ron the absolute champion was at 15,000ft above the Australian East Coast getting ready for his trip back to Earth and the ride of his life! As Ron and his tandem instructor Steve prepared for their dive, Ron recalls feelings of intense excitement!

The Skydive!

They started by climbing out of the aircraft as the pilot holds for them to exit. Steve counts down 3....2....1....GO!! Ron feels the wind rushing past his face as Earth's gravity pulls him back down to the ground at 9.8m/s². In a little over 10 seconds of free fall he reached terminal velocity (you can't go any faster due to air resistance) of nearly 200km/h, at that point he still has about 50 seconds before the parachute opens!

After the parachute opened Ron enjoyed a smooth sail back down to Earth with some of the best views along the east coast! Thanks to Daughter Shiannon for taking these epic photos oh him coming to land on the beach!

Ron back on the ground!

Shiannon recalls, 'My father and husband had the best skydiving experience ever.' Thanks Ron and family for booking with AirShare! We're so thrilled we could be part of this special experience! We hope to see you again soon!

If you think you're as fearless as Ron, check out the Brisbane Skydive & Our Skydives Australia Wide!

A few days after Christmas 2019 we had an excited group of grandparents. All of which first time helicopter flyers, on our 20 minute helicopter ride of The Brisbane CBD!

For all of them it was a Christmas present. In the case of Troy & Athanasia it was a total surprise! Lured out of their home with the promise of cake and coffee. A Confused look quickly turned to ear to ear grins when they realized what was really going on!

From Left to Right: Paul, Athanasia and Troy shortly before lift off!

For Paul it was his first helicopter ride and something he had wanted to do for some years. Bought for him by daughter, Jasmin, son-in-law and the grandkids , it was by far his favourite Christmas gift of 2019! ???? ????

For Greek's turned Aussie Troy and Athanasia it was a Christmas ride bought by their son Tony, a Boeing 737 Check Captain for one of Australia's major airlines. You could say aviation runs in the family for this lot.

Paul, Athanasia, Troy and Pilot Richard Departing Archerfield Airport for The Brisbane CBD!

Their Pilot Richard took them from Archerfield Airport to the Brisbane CBD where they did a few laps of the CBD getting close and personal with some of the buildings. As a massive sports fan Paul's favourite part was seeing Suncorp Stadium from the air! It is awesome to note that when the helicopter is doing laps of the city at 1000ft is it only 125ft higher than Brisbane's tallest building; Skytower, which stands an impressive 885ft above the city streets!

From the CBD Richard flew them over Brisban's most famous lookout; Mt. Coot-tha, before returning to Archerfield Airport!

Brisbane helicopter AirShare
The brilliant Brisbane CBD complete with helicopter!

After they had landed back at Archerfield Airport it was clear by the look on all of their faces they had a GREAT time! I dare say we will be seeing them again!
Thanks for flying with us and we hope to see you all again soon! ???? ????

We have listed our favourite anniversary flights that are perfect for celebrating your special day!

Brisbane - Sirromet Winery Helicopter Flight & Lunch

Sirromet Winery Helicopter Flight

Our most popular anniversary flight!
Depart from Archerfield, fly to and let down at the Sirromet Winery for a truely romantic experience.
Indulge in gormet food and wine before enjoy a luxury helicopter flight back to Archerfield Airport.

Brisbane - The Glasshouse Mountains Helicopter Flight.

Glass House Mountains Helicopter

The Glasshouse Mountains are an icon of the Sunshine Coase and South East Queensland. When you drive along the Bruce Highway they are an incredible sight to behold. When you fly over the Glasshouse Mountains it is an even better sight. An expereience where their majesty can be apreciated! A splendid expereience to share with a loved one!

Brisbane - The Gold Coast Helicopter Flight

Gold Coast Helicopter

Take a trip from Archerfield in Brisbane, down the east coast and past Stradbroke Island.
Take in amazing views of the beaches and surrounding hinterlands. The most exciting part is flying past the Gold Coast CBD before the returning to Archerfield.

Moreton Bay Helicopter Flight.

Moreton Bay Flight

The Moteton bay area is a beautiful part of Brisbane. When you take a scenic flight of the area you might just be lucky enough to spot some of the sea animals that live in the bay area. You will get a little tour of the islands before heading back to Archerfield.

Read time: 2 mins

This blog page is about four scenic flights that we think are bucket list adventures for anyone in the world. These are in my opinion these are some of the best air tours and flying experiences Australia has to offer! AirShare has partners all over Australia and now offers everything from helicopter tours to fixed wing scenic flights, to city helicopter flights and fixed wing aircraft on scenic tours over amazingly beautiful scenery. We also have the added bonus of being able to rideshare all of it! So, in no particular order other than the order I wrote them in here they are!

Great Barrier Reef Scenic Flight

Hill inlet helicopter Airlie beach

The Great Barrier Reef is located in Northern Queensland off the east coast of Australia. It is the biggest reef in the world. It can impressively be seen from orbital space satellites and the international space station. But perhaps more impressive is the view of it one can enjoy from the window of a light aircraft. The Australian east coast is littered with airports, and you would be hard pressed to find an airport on the east coast of Queensland that does not service the Great Barrier Reef.

A scenic joy flight over the Great Barrier Reef is special because there is nothing else like it on earth. There are so many aspects of scenic flight that can only be experienced on the Great Barrier Reef. From the window seat of your light aircraft you will be taken across the reef and have the chance to see various types of marine life, the heart of the great barrier reef and the amazing colours, thousands of islands and various interconnected reefs and coves.


Perth Robin 2160

Aerobatics is all about the thrill, it happens in an aircraft that can withstand higher G forces than a regular aircraft. You are subject to the very rapid changes and increases and decreases in G forces. For some quick context standing still on the floor a person will experience 1 G, when someone is falling they will experience 0 G, while someone accelerating at a very high rate will experience more than 1 G. An aerobatic flight is less about the scenery and more about the experience and the G forces. Aerobatic flights are the roller-coaster of the aviation world.

The aircraft is equipped with a massive engine giving it a huge power to weight ratio, with the ability to fly upside down, fly full loops and extremely tight orbits. With these sudden changes in direction and acceleration you feel yourself being pushed into the bottom of your seat with positive G forces. On the other hand you will also feel the effects of negative G forces like weightlessness and when things start to float upwards in the aircraft. A typical symptom of negative G force is when your arms no longer stay by your side by start to float up uncontrollably. An aerobatic flight is honestly one of the most exciting and invigorating things you can do, and I guarantee it will put a smile on your face!

Uluru Scenic Joy Flight

Sunset over Uluru

Uluru is a very special place, not just in the spiritual sense to the native Australian population. But to anyone that likes an awe-inspiring experience. A sacred place to some and beautiful to all. Uluru is the biggest monolith on Earth and one of the biggest single rocks on earth. A scenic flight around this amazing area is truly special and unforgettable.

Those lucky enough to get to visit here, and the ones even luckier that get to fly around here will see the amazing phenomena of the rock changing colour relative to the different positions of the sun in the sky. With expansive desert in all directions this random monolith is incredible to behold from the air and something you are sure to remember for the rest of your life.

Air Safari!

Aerial View of Lake Eyre Flood

“What’s an air safari?” I hear you say. Well it is exactly what you think it is! A several day flying adventure. Starting in a large town and going from town to airport in different parts of the country.
Ranging from a few days to over a week they are a special way to see a lot of country in a short amount of time.

Our most recommended is a 6 day extravaganza that takes you to a range of incredible locations through the Simpson Desert. Starting in Brisbane Archerfield, stopping in William Creek, Birdsville and Broken Hill. You will enjoy sensational views of the sprawling desert and the star of the journey is Lake Eyre which is in full bloom at the moment thanks to flooding!

Read time: 2 mins

Throughout Australia there are many things to see by air. Many scenic flights over and around the most incredible nature, landscapes and cities in the world. Scenic flights are always conducted in a light aircraft. Either helicopter or fixed wing aircraft. Helicopters are smaller have great appeal and take fake off and land from pretty much anywhere. They are however slightly more expensive to operate than fixed wing aircraft. While fixed wing aircraft are bigger, carry more people and weight, fly for longer, fly faster and are slightly cheaper. They do however need a good chunk of runway to get off the ground. That being said, here are our favourite scenic flights around Australia!

1 – The Great Barrier Reef Helicopter Ride

Cairns GBR Helicopter Ride

A scenic flight over the Great Barrier Reef in northern Queensland is easily the most incredible view and the most memorable scenic flight you can experience anywhere in Australia and probably the world. Peering out the window of a light aircraft over the largest reef in the world is a truly awe-inspiring experience.

2 – Sydney Harbour Scenic Flight

Sydney Harbour Scenic Flight

Soaring over the most iconic harbour in the world has to give you a kick. Sydney is the biggest city in Australia and easily the most recognisable in the world. Of all the city scenic flights in the southern hemisphere this has got to be the best. No other experience offers the same combination of coastline, beaches, big city and iconic landmarks all wrapped up into one awesome flying experience.

3- Brisbane CBD Air Tour

Brisbane sunset helicopter

One of my favourite because it is our home city. Brisbane looks great from above out the window on a helicopter. When doing laps of the CBD, ATC tells you to stay at 1000ft. At this height the aircraft is basically at the same height as the tallest buildings in Brisbane. As you fly around the city and take in the view, you can clearly see people going about their day in the skyscrapers beside you. There is an entire range of air tours to be had in Brisbane, but this is a popular one and my favourite.

4 – Uluru Helicopter flight

Aerial view of Uluru

For any one that does not know, Uluru or Ayer’s Rock is among the biggest rocks in the world. It is surrounded completely by desert sand for hundreds of kilometres in all directions. The most striking aspect of this monolith is that it changes colour depending on the position of the sun. At sunset this giant rock turns a fiery orange. The seemingly random obelisk in the centre of Australia is a bit of a tourist hot spot and spiritual Mecca to the native Australians. Thousands of tourists and locals each year travel here to see it and the lucky few will take a helicopter flight over it.

5 – Gold Coast Beaches Helicopter Tour

Gold Coast Scenic Flight
Sunny view of Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

The Gold Coast in South-East Queensland is Australia’s most popular tourist destination and one of the most popular in the world. Kilometres of perfect beaches and some of the best places to swim and surf in the world. Helicopter tours of the Gold Coast and its’ beaches are constantly buzzing around the skies with hundreds of keen tourists enjoying helicopter rides daily.

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View Brisbane Flying Lesson

I started my flight training in February of 2016 and completed it in May of 2017. Through the entire journey you will pass many milestones small and large. The most exciting of which is the first time you go solo. This is the first time you take control of an aircraft by yourself and fly a single circuit pattern and re-land on the runway. From then you go on to achieve various licences, endorsements and ratings. The most difficult in my opinion being the multi-engine command instrument rating (MECIR) this is when you learn how to fly an aircraft with two engines and by only looking at your instruments. This is to simulate flying in poor visibility and weather and to this day I maintain this is the most difficult thing I have ever learned to do.

As a 22 year old learning to fly out of the Gold Coast it was a seriously incredible experience. The mixture of exciting things happening at the Gold Coast airport don’t happen everywhere. It had everything, from large commercial aircraft to private jets with VIPs, scenic flights and parachuting and students learning to fly. For me some of the highlights were doing circuits at night over the Gold Coast, and flying out to extremely remote parts of Australia where for hours at a time you wouldn’t even see evidence of human life only incredible landscape.

Flying Lesson Brisbane

One of my favourite adventures –

Was the morning we departed the Gold Coast at first light, flying to Coffs Harbour. That time of the morning the control tower does not operate so you simply do as you please. As I departed and started my climb to a cruising altitude of 9500ft basically following the Australian East Coast, to my left is ocean and the sun only just starting to peek over it. To my right The Great Dividing Range, the worlds 5th longest mountain range, longer than The Himalayas. This was only some of the amazing flying I did.

Do I miss it? Sometimes and yes! But that’s what I bring to the table! A love of flying and the desire to run a company and to change the world in some way. And that is why I want to change the way people use and access charter aviation, by introducing ridesharing and proper space optimisation.

It’s going to be a great ride…..share!

– Gauranga

View Brisbane Flying Lesson

View Melbourne Flying Lesson

Sirromet is one of the biggest and most decorated wineries in Queensland, if not the most! With many attractions and tours, it makes a splendid outing. Situated between The Gold Coast and Brisbane it is the most accessible winery in the area. Offering a range of dining options and award-winning Sirromet Wines. It really does make for a perfect experience. Achieving fame throughout Australia and thence the world. Sirromet distributes their wines globally you could say it is a bit of an icon. Playing host to a range of events like Day on the Green Sirromet, there is always plenty going on.

The attractions don’t stop with just the menu and Sirromet Wines. At Sirromet there is a variety of dining options, shopping, and tours around the vineyard. To top it off there are many wine tastings, and even 4×4 tours. Making it perfect for a Sunday session! The most exciting pieces of machinery at the property is easily the helicopters that are always on display. You can even book one to get you to and from the winery!

Sirromet Lunch

Sirromet Wines

No matter your taste Sirromet has all the wine you could ever want. Red, white and everything in between. With many awards and globally acclaimed they are sure to delight. Their most widely sold must be the Private Collection LM Reserve Assemblage. The deep violet-colored drop is sold throughout Asia, North America and Australia. The vineyard itself covers 100 hectares of Queensland’s Granite belt. The vineyards themselves vary between 600 and 1500 meters above sea level.

What is the granite belt?

The granite belt is a region of South-East Queensland Australia, part of the great dividing range. It typically has a high elevation and a slightly cooler climate when compared to the subtropical region. The rich granite in the area means that the soil is constantly being replenished with nutrients and minerals. This along with the cooler climate makes it perfect for growing fruit like apples and grapes. Grapes that eventually become the fantastic Sirromet Wines!

Who Owns Sirroment Winery?

The Sirromet is owned by Terry Morris who started it in 2000. It is a family run business and one of Queensland’s best wineries. Situated close to Brisbane and the Gold Coast on the Granite Belt of Queensland. He started the business after telling a friend that he had tried a great wine from Queensland. They responded by saying “there is no such thing” and laughing at him. So he started the Sirromet Winery and the rest is history! To date, the winery has amassed 900 awards!

How did Sirromet get the name?

The name comes from the man that started it all! Terrance Edward Morris, or “T.E. Morris”. Which when spelled backward becomes “Sirromet”. So while most people think it is something posh and french. It is actually something backward and kind of funny! So how do you pronounce it? “Si-ro-may” see it does sounds french!

Sirromet Winery Helicopter Flight

How do I get to Sirromet?

Well there are actually a few options. Depending on where you are of course. It doesn’t matter where you are you can always drive to check out the great spot.

If you are located in Brisbane there are a few options other than driving! The most extravagant way of getting to the winery is to fly there in your own helicopter! A very special thing to do and something a lot of couples do to celebrate an anniversary! Learn more here!

There are also wine bus tours that are always a lot of fun. These take groups of people on a little road trip around Queensland’s wine country. A bit cheaper than the chopper but not as romantic!

Click here to navigate to Sirromet using Google Maps.

Can I bring a pet to Sirromet?

You cannot bring a pet unless it is a guide dog. This is to protect the native wildlife in the area.

Can I bring food or drinks to Sirromet?

The short answer is no. As it is not BYO and they prefer that you dine at one of the restaurants at Sirromet Winery. You are not allowed to take outside food into the venue. They do however cater to all dietary requirements and allergies.

A Day On The Green!

One of the most exciting events of the year. Starting in Melbourne it was brought to South-East Queensland. A Day on the green is all about food, fine wine, and mighty fine music! It has come a long way from the first festival in 2001. Now attracting around 20,000 people a year and hosted at the Sirromet Winery itself. It is one of the premier entertainment events of the year!

Is there Accommodation at Sirromet Winery?

Yes! If you are looking at spending more than just the day at the winery there is a fabulous range of accommodation to choose form. Known as The Sanctuary By Sirromet. They provide a very romantic and secluded experience. Ranging from a couples escape and family getaways to their honeymoon pavilion! Learn more here!

Accomodation at Sirromet Winery

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Brisbane; it's not often considered the most happening place. It might not be seen as jam packed with things to do, particularly if you are a local. So that’s where AirShare comes in! We are the home of scenic flight adventures in helicopters and light aircraft not just in Brisbane but right around Australia! With the added bonus of ridesharing, so you only pay for the seat you sit in!

Mt Coot-tha Helicopter Tour

An attraction in its own right, people flock here to visit the planetarium, botanical gardens (The biggest in the southern hemisphere) and to bicycle or drive to the peak of the mountain and enjoy the fantastic views of Brisbane and the surroundings. It is for this reason we offer our cheapest Brisbane scenic helicopter ride; The Mt. Coot-tha helicopter tour at just $69 pp. This is very popular with backpackers and tourists on a budget. It gives the perfect introduction to scenic flights.

On this scenic tour you will be taken by helicopter from Archerfield Airport to Mt. Coot-tha. You will see the winding Brisbane river, gorgeous views of the CBD, the major stadiums around Brisbane and the rolling hinterlands out to the West. There is a lot to take in! For the entire flight you will remain below 2000ft high enough to give you amazing views in all directions but low enough that you can still see people and cars. Once you arrive at Mt. Coot-tha your pilot will keep the helicopter still for a moment so you can take in the view and get the perfect shot before returning to Archerfield and landing on the helipad.

Brisbane City Scenic Helicopter Flight

The third largest City in Australia, home to 3.5 million people, one of the most liveable places on planet Earth and my personal favourite. There are plenty of vantage points around to admire the CBD. Mt. Coot-tha as before mentioned, Mt. Gravatt lookout, Kangaroo Point, Southbank or perhaps the window from your 81st storey hotel room. While these are all awesome. None of them are quite as good or as invigorating as sitting on a helicopter tour of the city.

Helicopter tours of Brisbane CBD are the most popular scenic flight we offer is Brisbane. Departing Archerfield airport by helicopter you will be taken straight to the Brisbane CBD at 1000ft. At this height you are barely above the tallest building in the city. You can easily see people in office building and sometimes get a wave out of them. The helicopter will take you on a few laps of the city as you get close and personal with the views. The highlights are easily Southbank, The Storey Bridge, The Sky Tower and 1 William Street which are absolute monolithic structures. Your pilot will provide you with a little bit of commentary and hold the chopper in one spot while you snap some photos. All before landing back at Archerfield Airport! The only thing that can makes this flight any better is going on it at sunset when the sky is full of incredible colours.

Moreton Island Helicopter Ride

This is one of our more premium products, popular with business people and couples looking for a romantic luxury flying experience.
Moreton Island is the Jewel of Brisbane, 95% national park, bounded by gorgeous beaches it is an incredibly popular destination with tourists and locals. Moreton Island is the third largest sand island in the world. To the west of the island is the Moreton Bay, the east coast of Australia and between that is fairly shallow waters which appear as an incredible aqua blue.

This flying experience like most of our Brisbane ones starts at Archerfield Airport.  You will depart and fly towards the East, once reaching the coastline you will cross the gorgeous aqua waters and arrive over the top of the white sandy beaches of Moreton Island. At this point the pilot will take there helicopter down to 500ft where you will have an amazing close up view of the beach, nature and the resort on the island. When going on this scenic flight you are almost always going to spot some sea life. Depending on the time of year it might be whales, dolphins or schools of fish. I guarantee this flight will excite you and make you fall in love with the area!

Brisbane Winery Flying Experience

This is a scenic flight that is another premium product, that offers something very different and special.
It’s a little known fact that the Brisbane and Southeast Queensland region is actually a good wine making region. There are various wineries dotted around the region, all putting our great premium products.

On this helicopter ride you will be taken from Archerfield treated like a celebrity for the day and dropped off at the Sirromet winery for lunch. Along the way you will see Mt. Cotton, the east coast of Brisbane and on a very clear day from the cruising altitude of the helicopter you can see the Brisbane CBD on one side and Gold Coast CBD on the other. It really gives you a kick when you can see two cities from the windows of one aircraft. Once you have finished lunch you will climb back on the helicopter the delivered back to Archerfield airport.

In this post, we are going to try and answer all (or at least most) of your questions about taking a flying lesson! So what are the reasons that you would take a flying lesson? Either because you are interested in becoming a pilot, or you are going on a great adventure.

Where to start?

If you are interested in becoming a pilot, it is a great idea to go on a trial introductory flight (TIF). You can book a TIF with any flying school and it allows you to experience it first hand. It gives you an opportunity to really see if you like it and for an instructor to assess how good you are at taking up the knowledge.

If you are interested in it as an adventure, again a TIF is the perfect thing to do but it is more for a recreational purpose. The perfect way to merge a scenic flight and take control of the aircraft also! It really is one of the best flying experiences.

Which aircraft are used?

Well, the first distinction to be made is whether you want to fly a helicopter or airplane (fixed-wing aircraft). This is important because the basics of flight are different. The license for one cannot be used to fly the other. And while the skills can be transferable the methods of flight and controlling them are different. Along with this, they both pertain to very different sections of legislation. All lessons are done in light aircraft also, there was a time that new airline pilots would do lessons in large Boeing 747 jets. Something that is simply too expensive for today.


  • Cessna 152
  • Cessna 162
  • Cessna 172
  • Cessna 182
  • Piper Cherokee


What to expect on your first flying lesson.

Your first flying lesson

Learning to fly is a lot of fun and a lot of work! And if you want to get to the point of being a commercial pilot it will take almost two years of study and flight training. The first of many flying lessons are the very bare basics. All it really includes is how to make the aircraft travel in the direction you want it to.

You will learn how to manipulate the aircraft controls in flight. The first step when you learn to fly is a comprehensive ground briefing. This will include how the aircraft flies, the tree axis about which it can move and most importantly how to manipulate the flight controls to manipulate the aircraft. When you jump into the aircraft your instructor will perform the takeoff and departure from the airport. The instructor will fly to an area called a training area. This is a designated bit of airspace for practice! This is where you will spend a lot of time when you learn flying.

Flying Lesson Brisbane


How much is a flight lesson?

The average flight lesson will go for about 30-60 minutes. So depending on the aircraft and how senior the instructors are it will cost you between $100-$300 for the lesson.

Do I need any experience before going on a flying lesson?

No, all you need to do is show up for your lesson!

Is it suitable for kids?

Yes, a trial flight and indeed flight training is suitable to people under 16. however you cannot obtain a license until you are over the age of 16.

Where can you learn how to fly?

There are a lot of flying schools around Australia. From little flying clubs at small airports to larger training schools in major cities. All of which will offer a trial flight and full flight training.

Millennials! The generation with a heap of superlatives:

  • The most lazy
  • The least likely to buy a home
  • Avocado
  • The most offended

I could go on. One thing that most people haven’t considered, but makes total sense is we are now THE MOST POPULOUS GENERATION on Earth! Which means the things we do, say and care about matter. They matter a lot. One of the trends that I am interested in is the fact the a lot of millennials (myself included) are opting for more of a minimalist lifestyle. Not bothered with possessions and are valuing things like travel and experience much more.

I don’t think I need to tell you that you will learn so much more about yourself and other cultures by taking a gap year or studying overseas. When you go on an adventure or share an experience with someone you will strengthen your relationship or even create a new one! So here are the top 5 reasons experiences are better than things!

Experiences Are Better Than Things – 5 Reasons Why!

A picture tells a thousand words, so an info-graphic should do the trick!

Experiences vs Possessions

1 – Experiences Remain Novel Possessions Do Not

Experiences vs Possessions, a number of university studies suggest that an experience creates real sustained happiness. As opposed to a possession, of which the luster quickly fades. The main reason a life filled with experience as opposed to stuff is that it leaves great memories that don’t lose the excitement and emotion that is attached to them! But as I am sure you have experienced that your new car, or piece of jewelry or whatever it is, it definitely loses the attached excitement before long.

2 – Experiences Create Great Relationships

When you go on a holiday or an experience by yourself there is a great chance that you are going to meet new people and create a relationship. But when you are with someone you are most likely going to build on that relationship. Even if in the end you have a TERRIBLE time, give it a week, or a month and it will all seem like a hilarious memory! The same cannot be achieved when you buy a gift for yourself or for someone else.

3 – You learn and gain new perspectives through experiences

This is perhaps the second most important aspect of experiences. Learning and perspectives; they are things you simply can’t get from a possession. For these reasons, it is why millennials are choosing to spend money on these things. And it doesn’t matter what it is that you do, you are far more likely to learn or gain a perspective simply by doing something a little differently or going somewhere new. Something as mundane as It does not always have to be something radical like taking a flying lesson or going on a holiday!

4 – Experiences build happiness – stuff accumulates

When you meet someone that is old and has had a full life. What do you mean by that? What you really mean is that they have been to a lot of places, done a lot of cool things and have a heap of happy memories. What you don’t mean is they have a lot of stuff!

5 – What would you really prefer stuff or experience?

To visit the Great Pyramids of Giza or have a heaps of possessions about Giza? Similarly what would really improve your life and make you happier? Sharing a great experience with a loved one or a new car? After all, any car will work getting you from A to B. But in the final moments of life, you are likely not going to be thinking about the great car you owned or the other possessions were cool. But instead, the great experiences that you shared with people. On the other hand, you are not going to regret the possessions you did not have, but rather the experiences and adventures you missed!

Anniversary gifts

They can be really hard to decide on! Coming up with something new and exciting to do with your loved one is important, but it can also be very stressful! We all know how necessary it is to maintain ‘the spark’ in a relationship. And the best way to do this is to share an experience as opposed to buying an item. Experiences create lasting memories and deepen connections. It gives you an opportunity to try something new and sometimes learn something new.

Research shows that when you share an experience with someone it builds upon your relationship. It is for this reason that we encourage people to enjoy a helicopter ride as a great way to celebrate anniversaries and other milestones. Not only this, but it creates stories to share with friends and even some fuel for a little bit of bragging. So here is our list of some of the best helicopter flight experiences to be shared by couples!

1. Sirromet Winery Helicopter Flight

Sirromet Winery Helicopter Flight

This is one of our most popular flights for couples celebrating their anniversary. Combing romance and opulence, passengers get the celebrity treatment right from the beginning. From the moment you step onto the chopper, it’s all about sharing the thrill of a helicopter flight and making the day as special as it can be. After departing from Archerfield Airport, you’ll be taken on a lap of the Brisbane City and surrounding areas, like the Kangaroo Point Cliffs and Mt Coot-tha. Enjoy amazing views of the city with your loved one and many great photo opportunities!

After a few laps of the CBD skyscrapers, you will head towards Mt Cotton and Sirromet Winery, with gorgeous views along the way. On a clear day you can see both the Brisbane CBD and Gold Coast, and even out to the Moreton and Stradbroke Islands. When you land at the winery you really do feel like a celebrity – all eyes are on you. Most people never get to experience the royal treatment like this. Enjoy a meal and some wine at one of the gourmet restaurants before climbing on board and heading back to Archerfield!

To learn more CLICK HERE!

2. The Glass House Mountains

Helicopter Glasshouse Mountains

The Glass House Mountains Helitour is another sensational adventure and a great way to celebrate! You will depart from Archerfield airport and head for the Glass House Mountains on the Sunshine Coast. On the way you will pass through the Brisbane CBD and northern suburbs. Enjoy many great sights of the scenic rim along the way to the main event! When you arrive at the mountains you are able to get nice and close to the mountains. As you can see above!

Wink Wink!

This flight is great for an anniversary gift and even for proposals ?

While you are on your flight the pilot will provide a little expert commentary about the mountains and the surroundings.

To learn more CLICK HERE!

3. The Gold Coast

Gold Coast Helicopter

The Gold Coast: tourism Mecca of Australia! Gorgeous long golden beaches and one of the prettiest CBD’s in Australia! This flight takes you from Archerfield Airport down along the coastline to Surfer’s Paradise. On the way to the Gold Coast, you’ll have fantastic coastal views on your left, as well as the gorgeous hinterland on the right. You might even see whales and dolphins along the various islands off the east coast of Australia.

Jumping Dolphin

When you arrive at the Gold Coast CBD you’ll be sitting at an altitude of 1,000ft. At this height flying past Q1 (the tallest building in Australia), you will be below the tip of the spire, a pretty incredible feeling!

To learn more CLICK HERE!

4. Moreton Bay

Moreton Island Helicopter

The Moreton Bay scenic flight is a great experience to celebrate an anniversary! Departing from Brisbane and heading to the bay area you will enjoy spectacular views of Greater Brisbane. When you arrive at the bay you will be marveled by gorgeous sights of the archipelago made up by Moreton, Stradbroke and Bribie Islands. Over parts of the islands, you will descend to 500ft. From this height, you can spot schools of fish and even dugongs in the waters below!

To Learn More Click Here!


Helicopter flights are a decadent way to share a special day with your partner. If you can combine a flight experience with a nice meal or sentimental gift, you’ll be sure to have a particularly excellent day. And at the end of the day, you can print the photo with the helicopter and keep it for old times sake.

Kata Tjuta is another place sacred to the local indigenous people. Commonly called The Olgas, It is a magnificent collection of massive rocks all next to each other. Situated in the same national park as Uluru (the Uluru Kata Tjuta National Park), these massive rocks are thought to be around 600 million years old. While Kata Tjuta is the name given to all the rocks Mount Olga is the name given to the largest of them. The name comes from the Russian Queen, Queen Olga on Wurttemburg who ruled for 27 years.

The summit of the tallest of The Olgas – Mount Olga is 546m and just like Uluru the best time of day to see Kata Tjuta is at sunset and sunrise. This is for the same reason as Uluru. The gorgeous red rock changes colour becoming very bright during sunrise. And while the sun is setting they seem to become almost purple and becoming a dark silhouette.

Kata Tjuta from Above
Kata Tjuta (Olgas), Northern Territory

How was Kata Tjuta formed?

The Olgas lie in the Amadeus Basin, and began forming around 850 million years ago. The sedimentary rock was moved there by inland rivers and seas.

Local legends

Kata Tjuta is considered a sacred Dreamtime location to the traditional owners, the Pitjantjatjara people. They believe that a great snake lives at the summit of the mountain and is so powerful he is able to generate a hurricane.

Kata Tjuta Aerial View

Are you allowed to climb The Olgas?

As of October 2019, you are no longer allowed to climb The Olgas. This came into effect at the same time as Uluru. The climbing ban was actioned because these incredible formations are sacred to the local traditional owners of the land.

While you can not climb The Olgas. There are still plenty of things you can do around then to see these great natural structures!
These would include going on one of the hiking paths. Or even take a guided tour from a local indigenous elder.


Located in north Queensland the Whitsunday Region is made up of incredible beaches (one of which is Airlie Beach), a memorising island chain, gorgeous reefs and teaming with sea life. The incredible archipelago is made up by tiny islands, some uninhabited and only a few meters wide peppering the seascape. The large islands of Hamilton and Whitsunday are world famous for their beauty and are all connected by reefs that make up part of the Great Barrier Reef.

The Whitsundays on the East Coast of Australia, is situated along the Great Barrier Reef. While the reef and the beaches are the main draw card to the region there is plenty more to do in the area (Which will be covered below). The Great Barrier Reef itself starts on the central Queensland Coast just north of Bundaberg and spanning just over 2300 km to the north most tip of Queensland. Covering an area of 34,870,000 hectares it is the largest reef on Earth. Spanning about 30% the length of the Australian continent is is interesting to know that is longer than the distance between Sydney and Auckland.

Best Ways To See The Reef

So if you are going to the Whitsundays or Airlie Beach or anywhere along the Great Barrier Reef you are going to want to see the reef. So what are the great ways to see it?

  • Boat Cruises
  • Snorkelling and Diving
  • And of course a Scenic Flight


Cairns Scenic Flight

There is accommodation in the area to suit all budgets.

And heaps more!

Some Of Airlie’s Great Attractions

Airplane Flight over the Whitsundays

The Airlie Lagoon

The Airlie lagoon is a free and relaxed activity. Great for kids, with a life guard and close to amenities. From the shore of this man made lagoon you have amazing views of the surrounding hinterlands. Perfect spot for an afternoon relax with some hot chips!

Airlie Beach Lagoon

The Airlie Foreshore Markets

Open every Saturday! Go explore some wild and wacky things. Great food, great vibes and lots of things to see and do. Enjoy sensational local food and pickup a few trinkets and perhaps some trendy clothes.

Markets at Airlie Beach

Get Active!

There are a heap of different hikes, trails, hidden waterholes and even beaches to find and explore in the Whitsunday Area. While this is a good one and a favourite it might be a good idea to ask a local!

Cedar creek is a little walk for a great reward! The easiest way to find it is just to throw it into google maps and go from there!


The largest sandstone rock on the planet, the red centre of Australia and some of the most majestic natural sights in the world. This giant rock is as old as time and of massive cultural and spiritual significance to the native aboriginal people. Located 335 km from Alice Springs, and while the main attraction is Uluru it is far from the only thing to see in the area. So what else is there to see in the area? The National Park is a UNESCO world heritage site and home to Uluru, The Olgas (Kata Tjuta), many different types of flora and fauna, ancient caves that showcase cave paintings of an indigenous population that is over 50,000 years old… And I could go on!

The 550 million year old monolith is home to 46 native species of mammals, plenty of reptiles, and even amphibians. Believe it or not there are even 4 species of frog that are abundant at the bases of Uluru and the Olgas. While not so common in the dry winter, they can be found living a vibrant life in and after the summer rainy months.
So while you are drawn to the region by Uluru, there is so much to see while you are there!

Best ways to see it

As a lot of people know as of October 2019 the Uluru Climb is closed which means your only ways to see it are to hike around it, drive around it or our favourite way; fly over it!
It is being closed for a variety of reasons from safety, to preserving the natural structure of the landmark. The most significant reason being it is sacred to the local indigenous people and simply put, it wouldn’t be acceptable to climb a church for fun so it shouldn’t be to climb Uluru for fun.


The first thing we need to tell you about visiting this area is that you do need a good few days to see it all. A good length is 3-5 days. Just to ensure you have enough time to take in a few of the magnificent sunsets, hike around the 348m tall monolith, visit the Olgas and if you are one of the lucky ones catch a scenic flight of it all.

Most of the accommodation is listed on the official resort website which includes camping from around $43 per night all the way up to the more expensive luxury accommodation for a few thousand a night. It is important to note that all of the accommodation is more or less all part of the one complex. This was done to minimise any damage done to the surrounding environment and ecosystem.

It is also useful to note that the temperature can vary out in the desert dramatically. With peaks of around 45 Celsius during the summer days, and lows of -3 Celsius in the winter nights. So if you are going to camp make sure you have some good clothing and camping gear to keep you warm during the cold nights.

Australia’s Red Centre – Why is it sacred?

Ayers Rock is a sacred place to the Yankunytjatjara and Pitjantjatjara people. To them it is not just a rock but a sacred site that was created at the beginning of time. According to the Yankunytjatjara and Pitjantjatjara people it was made by great ancestral beings. That being said Uluru os only one of about 40 different sites in the Kata Tjuta National Park that is sacred to the traditional land owners. The other prominent sacred site in the region is Kata Tjuta or The Olgas are a range of incredible rock formations that are situated in the same national park as ayers rock. There are a wealth of walking trails around these massive structures that make for a special adventure. The aboriginal culture surrounding these says that an ancient king lived atop them.

Along with the sacred sights there are a number of dreamtime locations also. It is something that is not really understood by people that have not grown up in the culture. The dreamtime is said to be at the beginning of all time when the spirit ancestors created the world. This is something that you can often see depicted in their art.

Sunrise and Sunset

Sunset over Uluru

This is a must do when you are visiting the area. In most cases it is not hard, just set an alarm and walk out the door of your accommodation to marvel at the colour changes as the sun rises. There is also a lot of great viewing areas around the rock itself. The reason it is an absolute must to do is because the colour of the stone changes depending on the intensity of the light that is shining on it. When standing on the eastern side of the rock the during sunrise you will see the colours change from a dark, crimson red to a bright red. From the same side as the sun is setting it goes from the normal colour becoming a bit pink and almost reaches a purple before it becomes a total silhouette. Quite an incredible sight, the biggest silhouette on Earth perhaps?

How to get to Uluru

Uluru is a remote place so it can be hard to make your way there. Below are some of the ways that you can get to Uluru to experience this great place.


There are commercial airline flights from almost all Australian Capital Cities to the red centre. If there isn’t you can make a connection. While this is a quick way to get to the final destination you might want a more scenic adventure by driving. Depending on where you are it will cost anywhere from $300 to $900 to fly there. The airport is located just a 10 minute drive from the Yulara resort. Which makes it very easy to get to your accommodation!

Uluru view from a plane


There are bus trips from many cities and regional centres. Some of them lasting a few days to a week will take you from your starting point to the red centre. With a heap of sensation stops along the way! You will get to sit and relax and watch as the landscapes change into the great Australian deserts!


If you love the open road, then drive there! If you are driving there it is interesting to know that you will be using part of Highway 1. Which is the longest highway in the world.  At a staggering 14,500 km long it connects all the Australian Capital Cities including Hobart (you just have to make the connecting barge). This makes it possible to drive from Hobart to Uluru without ever having to leave the highway! It is important to carefully plan you trip if you are going to drive. As you can end up stranded and many miles away from the nearest petrol station and grocery store.

Sunset over Uluru

Common Questions

How Tall Is Uluru?

The site Uluru is located on is 515m above sea level. The top of the monolith itself is 348m above the desert. Which mean that Uluru stands 863m above sea level. Which is really just a long way of saying it is 348m tall. It is also interesting to point out that this is taller than the Eiffel Tower in Paris. And The Great Pyramids of Giza and the Statue of Liberty. In fact if you put the Statue of Liberty on top of the Tallest Pyramid of Giza, Uluru is still taller!

Is Uluru The Biggest Rock in the world?

Uluru is actually not the biggest rock in the world, while it is the biggest monolith in the world. The actual title holder is Mount Augustus over 1000 km away in Western Australia. But geologists still debate this point. Who would think people argue about who has the bigger rock!?!

What is the best time of year to visit Uluru?

The best times to visit we would say are between March and October, simply because it is not as hot during those months.

What clothing is needed?

It does not matter what time of year you visit. You will need comfortable cool clothing for the days and warm clothes for the night. This is because the deserts don’t get much cloud cover. So all the heat escapes at night and comes in during the day. It is also important to have some good sunscreen and some insect repellent.

Is Ayers Rock and Uluru the same thing?

Short answer: YES!
Uluru is the indigenous name and Ayers Rock is the name it was given by British settlers. When the monolith was surveyed by William Gosse he assigned it the name Ayers Rock. In reference to the Chief Secretary of South Australia, Sir Henry Ayers in July of 1873. Since then both names have been used.

How much of Uluru is underground?

According to some geologists the amount of Ayers Rock that you can see from the surface of the desert is only one eighth. The rest of the sandstone monolith is actually under the ground! It can be kind of mind blowing to know that the bulk of the structure is actually underground!

If you live in, or are visiting Brisbane and are looking for a great new experience or a fantastic gift idea then have a read about some of the awesome scenic helicopter rides we offer around Brisbane. Helicopter flights are spectacular as something to do or as a gift! People always remember a really good experience and have great memories and live that high for a long time. There are a whole range of helicopter flights we offer in Brisbane from the cheap that we can rideshare and cost share, all the way up to the premium VIP services we offer.
So here is a complete list of all our Brisbane scenic helicopter flights.

Mt. Coot-tha Scenic Helicopter Ride – $69pp

Mount Coot-tha

This is the quickest and least expensive scenic flight we offer in Brisbane.
This being said it is still a great flight, a great scenic flight for backpackers, budget travellers and something new and exciting for the weekend ahead. Mt. Coot-tha in itself is a great Brisbane attraction, from the air by helicopter it is a great experience. This flying experience will have you taken around Mt. Coot-tha and the surrounding suburbs from 1000 feet above the ground. From this position above Mt. Coot-tha you have a sensational view of the Tv towers, the great hinterlands out to the west and the gorgeous Brisbane CBD. As you take a short stint through the air you will get glimpses of the Brisbane International Airport, Suncorp Stadium and Brisbane’s Southbank.

This scenic flight is the perfect taste of what can be seen and experienced by helicopter. Whenever people try this flight, they always want to go on another one. And for this reason we call this one of our gateway flights. This helicopter ride is great value for a gift or as an adventure.

Brisbane City Helicopter tour – $99pp

Brisbane helicopter AirShare

Our most popular scenic flight in Brisbane, for good reason; still a great price and you get up close (or as close as possible) and personal with Australia’s third biggest city. Like all our Brisbane flights you depart from Archerfield Airport and then track due north to the Brisbane CBD. You will enjoy sensational sights of the Brisbane River, Southbank, the Story Bridge and of course the CBD. Your pilot will provide a little bit of expert commentary and a few interesting facts as they take you on several laps of the CBD. Generally, air traffic control will inform the pilot to maintain flight now above 1000 feet. This means that you are flying at an altitude only 200 feel taller than Brisbane’s tallest buildings.

As you circle the CBD there are plenty of different things to look at, the botanic gardens, the Victorian era heritage listed buildings and the massive lowers constructed in the middle of the city. On an average day you are able to see people in their skyscraper office buildings going about their days. This is a truly sensational helicopter ride. Oh, and did I mention you can also go on this at night?!

Moreton Bay Scenic Helicopter Flight – $145pp

Moreton Island Wrecks

The Moreton Bay scenic flight is designed to give you a little taste of a great adventure and make you want to see more! The Bay of Moreton is shared by The City of Brisbane and The Moreton Bay Area. It is home to Australia’s third biggest shipping route and on the other side of it is the island chain of Bribie, Morten and Stradbroke Island, with a few small offshoot islands it is a little archipelago. The calm shallow waters around the islands are home to an abundant amount of sea life which is easily spotter from a low flying aircraft.

On this helicopter tour you are taken from Archerfield to the Moreton Bay, as you track towards the Bay area you see the diverse changes in landscapes. As you fly past the city and populated areas to the rainforests in the area and then arrive at the bay area. You are taken around the bay area and your pilot will tell you a little about the area. On the way back to Archerfield you are taken via Victoria point across one of Brisbane Cities biggest golf courses before arriving back at Archerfield.
This is a great scenic flight that packs in views of the city, Moreton Bay and the great surrounding sights, and still not breaking the bank!

Sirromet Winery Helicopter Tour and stop off.

Sirromet Winery Flight

It is a little-known fact that Brisbane is actually wine country!
As far as winery tours go it doesn’t get any better than arriving in a private helicopter. Get treated like a celebrity for the day as you depart Archerfield and track for the Sirromet Winery. Along the way enjoy the sights of the sprawling hinterlands and sights around Brisbane. The winery is situated at Mount Cotton. This is a unique vantagepoint, from the air on a clear day you can see the CBD of both the Gold Coast and Brisbane. When you arrive at the winery you will be taken on a quick tour from the air and then you will land. From here you are free to spend some time at the winery. Perhaps buy lunch or sip on a glass of wine and enjoy a cheese board.

When you have had your fill, you will climb back onto the helicopter and take-off, on the return journey you will take a slightly different path so you can take in a few slightly different sights in the area. The forests on the south of Brisbane and the smaller towns that dot the area. It is a perfect day out for a couple celebrating a relationship milestone!

Stradbroke Island Scenic Helicopter Ride – $689 up to 3 Passengers.

This flight is for those wanting a little bit more. It takes you around either North or South Stradbroke island this time, the choice is yours to make in flight! The Stradbroke islands are the last islands in the island chain that was mentioned earlier. When you depart Archerfield, you are taken to where the two islands meet. At this point your pilot will ask you which one you would like to explore. From this point onwards you can pretty much ask your pilot to take you to have a look at anything on the island. Once you are flying over the beaches on the island the pilot will take the aircraft down to 500 feet. From this vantage point you have a great close up view of the surroundings. As before mentioned there is an abundance of sea life near the islands. Large sharks, huge schools of fish and dugongs and dolphins can always be seen from the aircraft. If you are lucky enough and depending on the time of year pods of whales are sometimes migrating through that area. It is always exciting to see a marine mammal below you in the water that is larger than the aircraft you are in!

Moreton Sea life Helicopter Flight – $1197 up to 3 Passengers.

Moreton Helicopter Brisbane

This scenic flight is a little bit more again and essentially combines the previous two listed. This flight is nothing less than luxury. You are taken by private helicopter to Stradbroke Island and then follow the island chain back up to Moreton Island. The bulk of the flying over the islands is done at 500 feet. This means you have a great opportunity to take in the fantastic views of the beaches and forests on the islands. On this scenic flight we can almost guarantee you will encounter sea life from your window seat. After you have island hopped up to Moreton Bay you will return to the airport by flying across the mainland past the Brisbane CDB, this really is a huge scenic flight packed with sights!

Gold Coast Helicopter Ride – $915 up to 3 Passengers.

Gold Coast Scenic Flight

The Gold Coast is probably the biggest tourist destination in Australia. It the 6th biggest city in Australia built in between gold beaches and the Great Dividing Range. The Gold Coast can boast nearly all year-round sun and great swimming weather. It is also home to the tallest building in Australia Q1 the undisputed jewel of The Gold Coast skyline. The gold coast itself is a fantastic place to visit. A helicopter tour of The Gold Coast will take you from Archerfield Airport out east to the coastline. From there you will make your way down to the CBD following the famous golden beaches.

When you arrive at the CBD the tip of the spike on the Q1 tower is 1058 feet high, this means that it will be 58 feel higher than your helicopter. As your pilot takes you on a few laps of the city excited people are always waving at you from the windows of all buildings. The city and the beaches are the most exciting sights of the flight. But a close second is the 5 major theme parks scattered around the Gold Coast and the gorgeous hinterland surroundings. Often you will see a large commercial airliner on final approach to The Gold Coast Airport. From the city to the theme parks and the other aircraft in the area this flight is almost a celebration of human achievement!

The Glasshouse Mountains Helicopter Tour – $1197 up to 3 Passengers.

Helicopter Glasshouse Mountains

The Glasshouse mountains are a collection of age old (now dormant) volcanoes. Named they get their name from early explorers that said from a distance they reminded them of the smoke stacks of glass refineries back home in England. The giant mountains are randomly scattered around a section of Australia in between Brisbane and The Sunshine Coast. They are held as sacred to the indigenous people and are said to be over 26 million years old.

The scenic flight itself takes you through the Brisbane city, giving you the opportunity to experience that from the air before arriving at the main event. Your pilot will take you to each one while giving you a little commentary about their significance and some facts about them. This is a great flight jam packed with sights from your unique position in the sky above these mountains you can see the Brisbane CDB all the way up the mountains of the Sunshine Coast. Your flight is dotted with many towns, lakes, rivers and even other small airfields in the area. So you might even spot another small aircraft buzzing around in the area. This is a truly special flight, and everyone we have spoken to that has been on it always says they will remember it for the rest of their life!

Note from Gauranga Magriplis –

All our Brisbane flightsdiffer in price, duration and sights. There is something to suite all budgets and tastes. They are the perfect gift, celebration or activity to impress a business associate. But perhaps our favourite is when people are going on it just to explore their home city, a sensational weekend activity! This is a comprehensive list of all the helicopter flights that we offer in Brisbane. We do offer plenty more flights right around Australia, our goal is to make it easy for people to book and access them. We are working on ridesharing those services also so that in time we can bring down the prices for everyone.

We are now getting to the point where we are offering other flying services like hot air ballooning and skydiving. The goal moving forward form this it to be able rideshare point to point charter flights. Again, in turn bringing prices down for consumers and improving access to regional parts of Australia. A little know fact is that there are over 800 airports in Australia but only 52 of them are used for regular commercial operations. When we are able to change this and improve access to small towns from major cities it means there are huge trickle-down economic imprecations for individuals and businesses around Australia!

Thanks for reading this, please leave a comment or some feedback! ?

Read time: 2 mins

When you live in a city for a while it can become hard to think of new things to do in your home town. That’s where we can help! We sell scenic flights in Brisbane and around Australia. If you are looking for a special date idea, a great gift or something exciting to impress a friend or business colleague we have plenty on offer to help you make that happen!

Brisbane Sunset Spectacular

Brisbane Helicopter Sunset

This is a sensational experience, I have said many times and I will continue to say. The best way to see Brisbane is from the window of a helicopter. The only thing that makes that view better is the sunset!
A little pricey but perfect for a couple or some friends to celebrate a special event in your life.
On this experience you will be taken in a private helicopter from Archerfield Airport to the Brisbane city as the sun is beginning to set. On a good night there will be a little bit of cloud cover that the pinkish hughs of the sunlight bounce off the clouds giving you a stunning sight.

We often see this scenic flight being embarked upon by couples celebrating a special occasion, newlyweds and wedding parties. But who ever you are you will love it. As the helicopter circles the city you will be given an incredible vantage point of the magnificent city colors and amazing sunsets. This is a perfect helicopter ride to celebrate a special day!

Hot Air Ballooning

Hot Air Balloon Ride Gold Coast

This is a slightly more price conscious adventure. But it still involves flying, just slower and it includes breakfast! Balloon rides typically depart very early in the morning, this scenic flight gives you a magnificent vantage point of the of the Gold Coast and its beaches. You will be taken along the Great Dividing Range and through the gorgeous rolling hills of the hinterlands between Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

Make sure you take a good quality camera because there are some awesome sights to snap. As your balloon ride nears the end you will be dropped at a local vineyard for champagne and a beautiful gourmet breakfast.

Helicopter Ride Mt. Coot-tha

Mt. Coot-tha Helicopter Brisbane

This our second most popular scenic flights in Brisbane and the cheapest one we offer. That being said, it represents fantastic value! I have struggled a 10-15 min scenic flight anywhere from $69pp.
This scenic flight is great, it is packed with fun and just the right amount of flying and scenery. The most exciting parts of a helicopter ride are the take-off, landing and the twist and turns you experience along the way.
This helicopter ride gives you the perfect taste of what it is all about. You are flown from Archerfield over to Mt. Coot-tha, form there you have a sensational view of the city. On a clear day you can see the Gold Coast CBD from the cruising altitude of 1000ft. If you are looking to really impress someone this is an inexpensive way to do it!

In the last few months it has been very exciting to receive a little bit of attention from the media.
Even though it may be small, it is exciting. Our first piece was as a result of the Horizons Demo Day which can be read here. The article is a quick summary of the pitch I did on the night and some of the others. This meant that we got picked up by Brisbane Marketing and the Courier Mail. They put us in a section called 5 second pitch!

AirShare 5 Second Pitch in the Courier Mail
AirShare 5 Second Pitch in the Courier Mail

I am now using this little piece to try and turn it into bigger feature pieces and perhaps a news story.
All of this will help us spread the message about scenic flights and ride-sharing them to save our customers money while going on great experiences!
To date AirShare has listings in 13 Australian cities and over 95 different flights and experiences all of which are being ride-shared.
AirShare is also building on it’s networks with not only charter operators but now tour group agents and travel agents.
We are working on this so we are able to reach the backpacker and solo traveler markets, with a look to position our scenic flights as an upsell with a prominent Australian airline.

Read time: 2 mins

Ridesharing, it’s the thing we are making possible in the world of charter aircraft. With rideshare comes cost sharing and an entire load of benefits. Like I am always harping on about it means lower prices for customers and a better bottom line for charter companies. Ridesharing is something seldom done in charter aviation. And as far as I have been able to isolate there is no business that actually has it as their focus…. So here we are!

In the long run rideshare will drive down prices for consumers. When we eventually get to the point where we can share a charter flight from a major city to a regional area it will be a great win. Keep in mind we are not trying to reinvent the wheel. Just trying to make a great improvement on something people already do very frequently. By making charter cheaper, better and more accessible we can attract more users to the service and in turn it will snowball. If I can paraphrase the famous entrepreneur Dick Smith “Charter Aviation in Australia should be booming, but it’s not.” I believe we can all rideshare our way to success!

Jack's Helicopter Flight
Rideshare helicopter flight

There is a waste of space going on!

Every day in Australia charter companies make round trips from a population centre to a regional town. Often there are no more than one or two people on the on the aircraft that would seat up to six. Instead if we filled it completely on both legs of the journey. It would mean that the passengers would all pay less and the charter operator would make more money for the same flight. WIN WIN! Right now we are doing this for scenic flights and our partners are finding it incredibly useful.

Taking this idea one step further. The trickle down economics means better and cheaper access for people and freight in and out of regional towns. The fact of the matter is that there are now over 800 airports in Australia. However only the biggest 52 are serviced by the major carries and their regional subsidiaries. In my opinion we have a serious opportunity to drastically improve this! After all ridesharing is set to drastically increase in 2019.

– Gauranga

Read time: 2 mins

Last week the Horizons program ended with a demo day consisting of all the start-ups at different stages pitching their ideas, validation and sales.
In our case, the program took us from an idea to a point where we now have partners, sellable products and our first flows of revenue. This represents a major milestone for us. In a very short space of time, we have been able to sell helicopter flights and rideshare some of them. Ridesharing is the most exciting part for us, as it is at the core of our business model.

But anyway, back to demo day. It was held on the top floor of Flight Centre HQ (a fitting venue given what we do). On the 15th floor on the south side of the Brisbane River, the venue is quite frankly gorgeous. This vantage point giving you probably one of the best views of Brisbane you can get.
As I was talking to a colleague shortly before people started to arrive for the pitches. I spotted a helicopter on a tour of the city. I got very excited as it was from a company we had partnered with recently.  And in the time since had started making sales on their behalf.

AirShare Founders: Gauranga Magriplis and Jack Buscombe
AirShare Founders: Gauranga Magriplis and Jack Buscombe on Horizons Demo Day

This for us was actually a very exciting event, it was the first time I got to pitch AirShare to a room full of people that knew nothing about us. When it finally came my turn to pitch, I was actually nervous. Extremely nervous, which I found ridiculous because I do this all the time and had grown cavalier to the entire process. I won’t make you suffer accounting it word for word. But the highlights are:

  • We now are a revenue earning business
  • Solving the issues of unused space on light aircraft
  • Playing in a $500M Australian market and a $28B global market
  • The issue of empty space plagues 35% of all scenic flights and almost all charter flights
  • Partnered with 3 charter operators and offer customers access to air tours in 7 cities
  • We have been invested in and are using the capital to grow to 30 of Australia’s highest traffic regions by June 2019 and to expand into NZ by October 2019 

I think the best thing I personally got out of the pitch night is firstly that a business is never “done”. There is always something else to do. And that even though the program is finished we still have unlimited work to do. And Second, pitching is a great way to meet not just investors but, potential customers and partners. As a result, one of my goals for 2019 is to do six big pitches for the year.

Gauranga Magriplis –

Read time: 1 min

When we started AirShare we had (and still do have) so many ideas of what AirShare could become. The main premise is to be able to leverage empty space on light charter aircraft and fix underutilisation for the operators. As we dug into our ideas, and spoke to people and operators we found that their biggest problem was with joy flights. “Why is there always an empty seat or two on our scenic flights?”
Simple answer; no one knows they can easily have access to an empty seat or two on a joy flight.

A seemingly basic problem but when we looked deeper it seemed it plagued most joy flight operators. So much so that in Australia alone it is a problem worth $30M annually.
So joy flights it is! We now have affiliations with 3 charter operators and services listed in 7 Australian cities. With a goal to have 30 cities by mid-2019 and a move into a second country in time for Christmas 2019.
So what does all this mean? Lots of hard work, joy flights and happy customers to come!


If you think you might be interested in a joy flight, feel free to peruse our experiences! We guarantee an awesome experience and the cheapest prices!

Read time: 1 min

So now that Jack has set the scene, very delicately might I add. Lets get down to business with our first move which was the Horizons program.

We were at the point where we had realised that ride-share charter was going to be quite difficult to achieve. So we needed some low hanging fruit. We had plenty of other ideas, but we needed to find out what was feasible. While we were working on that, I applied for an accelerator program put together by Slingshot called Horizons. A few weeks rolled by and we found ourselves pitching AirShare to a bunch of new faces at Fishburners in Brisbane City (affectionately called “fish burgers”). The pitch seemed like it was over in a flash, at which point i was expecting some hard questions from the panel. To our delight all they wanted to know was if we could commit to the program and if we had a PTY. LTD. YES and YES.

We walked out of the room, feeling pretty good about ourselves. As we got in the lift to head out, I looked at Jack grinning ear to ear and said ‘’they get it, we are in!” he laughed at me and rolled his eyes. Maybe I am too much of an optimist, but either way we still had so much work to do! After all we still need to isolate our first niche.

But more on that soon!


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