Brisbane City

Awesome Brisbane, as seen from a Helicopter!!

Brisbane; it’s not often thought of the most happening place, jam packed with things to do, particularly if you are a local. So that’s where AirShare comes in! We are the home of scenic flight adventures in helicopters and light aircraft not just in Brisbane but right around Australia! With the added bonus of ridesharing,...
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Chopper over Three Capes

Bucket List Scenic Flights

This blog page is about three scenic flights that we think are bucket list adventures for anyone in the world. These are in my opinion these are some of the best air tours and flying experiences Australia has to offer! AirShare has partners all over Australia and now offers everything from helicopter tours to fixed...
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Cairns Helicopter Flight

Our Favourite Scenic Flights

Throughout Australia there are many things to see by air. Many scenic flights over and around the most incredible nature, landscapes and cities in the world. Scenic flights are always conducted in a light aircraft. Either helicopter or fixed wing aircraft. Helicopters are smaller have great appeal and take fake off and land from pretty...
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Gauranga Magriplis learning to fly, photo taken from backseat.

Learning to Fly!

Learning to Fly! (The Highlights) I started my flight training in February of 2016 and completed it in May of 2017. Through the entire journey you will pass many milestones small and large. The most exciting of which is the first time you go solo. This is the first time you take control of an...
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Helicopter Joyflight

JoyFlight Virgin – A Guide To Your First Helicopter Flight

Advice for First-Time Helicopter Passengers Anyone who has had the pleasure of a helicopter flight will vouch that it’s an experience like no other. Seated in a cabin where the controls lay within arms reach (but don’t touch!), you’ll have a 360 degree view of your surroundings. And by surroundings, it’s not like a commercial...
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