Charter Flight Price Estimator

Charter Flight Price Estimator

Looking to charter a flight and don’t know where to start?
Use the AirShare price tool to find out the aircraft you can fly in and get a price estimate for your private flight.
Feel free to get in touch for a quote on a private flight.
The AirShare price tool is currently in development, but feel free to use the aircraft directory for price information.

Aircraft CategoryAircraft TypeSeatingSpeed (knots)Max. Altitude (feet)Cost Per Hour (lower bound)Cost Per Hour (upper bound)Recommended Ground Range (km's)
PISTON TWINAerocommander 5007 to 8 passengers15010,000$550.00$1,400.001,214
PISTON TWINBeech 58 Baron4 to 5 passengers18010,000$550.00$1,400.001,438
PISTON TWINBN2 Islander7 to 8 passengers12010,000$550.00$1,400.00980
PISTON TWINCessna 3104 to 5 passengers18010,000$550.00$1,400.001,126
PISTON TWINCessna 3405 passengers18029,800$550.00$1,400.001,631
PISTON TWINCessna 4027 to 9 passengers18010,000$550.00$1,400.001,651
PISTON TWINCessna 4047 to 10 passengers18010,000$550.00$1,400.002,386
PISTON TWINCessna 4216 to 7 passengers18030,000$550.00$1,400.001,926
PISTON TWINPiper Aerostar4 to 5 passengers18510,000$550.00$1,400.001,154
PISTON TWINPiper Chieftain8 to 9 passengers17510,000$550.00$1,400.001,144
PISTON TWINPiper Navajo6 to 7 passengers17510,000$550.00$1,400.001,312
MID-SIZE TURBOPROPBeech 200 Kingair7 to 9 passengers26035,000$1,800.00$3,300.001,190
MID-SIZE TURBOPROPBeech 350 Kingair8 to 10 passengers28035,000$1,800.00$3,300.002,340
MID-SIZE TURBOPROPBeech 1900C19 passengers25025,000$1,800.00$3,300.001,348
MID-SIZE TURBOPROPBeech 1900D19 passengers26025,000$1,800.00$3,300.001,658
MID-SIZE TURBOPROPCessna 208 Caravan8 to 12 passengers15010,000$1,800.00$3,300.001,387
MID-SIZE TURBOPROPFairchild Merlin III8 passengers27027,000$1,800.00$3,300.002,512
MID-SIZE TURBOPROPFairchild Metro II12 passengers25025,000$1,800.00$3,300.001,439
MID-SIZE TURBOPROPFairchild Metro III19 passengers26025,000$1,800.00$3,300.001,492
MID-SIZE TURBOPROPJetstream 3219 passengers25025,000$1,800.00$3,300.00882
MID-SIZE TURBOPROPPiper Cheyenne6 to 8 passengers26035,000$1,800.00$3,300.001,917
MID-SIZE TURBOPROPPilatus PC126 to 9 passengers26030,000$1,800.00$3,300.001,963
LARGE TURBOPROPSDash 836 to 74 passengers26025,000$3,500.00$5,500.001,198
LARGE TURBOPROPSEmbraer 120 Brasilia28 to 30 passengers27030,000$3,500.00$5,500.001,225
LARGE TURBOPROPSFokker 5046 to 52 passengers26025,000$3,500.00$5,500.001,400
LIGHT CORPORATE JETSBeechjet 400A7 to 8 passengers44045,000$2,750.00$4,500.001,530
LIGHT CORPORATE JETSCessna Citation Bravo7 to 8 passengers37543,000$2,750.00$4,500.001,672
LIGHT CORPORATE JETSCessna Citation CJ1 Jet4 to 5 passengers35041,000$2,750.00$4,500.001,004
LIGHT CORPORATE JETSCessna Citation Mustang4 to 5 passengers32041,000$2,750.00$4,500.00931
LIGHT CORPORATE JETSCessna Citation V (Ultra)7 to 8 passengers42545,000$2,750.00$4,500.001,632
LIGHT CORPORATE JETSLear 35A6 to 7 passengers47045,000$2,750.00$4,500.002,502
LIGHT CORPORATE JETSPremier 1A6 passengers45035,000$2,750.00$4,500.001,071
MEDIUM CORPORATE JETSCessna Citation III 6508 passengers46051,000$4,000.00$9,500.002,295
MEDIUM CORPORATE JETSCessna Citation Sovereign8 passengers46047,000$4,000.00$9,500.003,396
MEDIUM CORPORATE JETSHawker 8008 passengers44041,000$4,000.00$9,500.003,202
MEDIUM CORPORATE JETSHawker 10008 passengers44045,000$4,000.00$9,500.003,850
LARGE CORPORATE JETSChallenger 60410 to 12 passengers47041,000$8,000.00$12,000.004,957
LARGE CORPORATE JETSFalcon 90013 passengers48051,000$8,000.00$12,000.004,654
LARGE CORPORATE JETSGlobal Express10 to 13 passengers46051,000$8,000.00$12,000.007,849
LARGE CORPORATE JETSGulfstream 45010 to 16 passengers46045,000$8,000.00$12,000.005,315
LARGE CORPORATE JETSLegacy 60013 passengers44541,000$8,000.00$12,000.004,007
AIRLINERBae 146 / RJ70 to 110 passengers38031,000$8,000.00$15,000.001,970
AIRLINERFokker 70/10080 to 100 passengers45035,000$8,000.00$15,000.001,897
HELICOPTERRobinson R443 passengers10014,000$620.00$800.00385
HELICOPTERBell 2064 passengers11020,000$1,195.00$1,400.00434

*This is a guide, and AirShare provides no guarantee of mentioned charter prices.

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