Exciting companies from our accelerator class.

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Exciting companies from our accelerator class.

Pack and Pop Founders
Alex and Sylvia Kramm of Pack & Pop

Pack & Pop

Pack & Pop, a great concept. Already proven to work in other parts of the world. Run by husband and wife pharmacists Alex and Sylvia Kramm, with a simple and compelling value proposition. Your monthly vitamin supply delivered to your door, in individual daily sachets. But this is just the starting point. The end game is to be Australia’s first full service online pharmacy. For a consumer this means you can get anything from vitamins and basic medicines all the way up to prescriptions delivered straight to your door.

Clean Travel Founder
Clean travel founder Mac Gaughan doing some clean travelling.

Clean Travel

Clean travel is an online market place for experiences all around the world. The focus and ethos being adventure providers that are committed to maintaining and improving the environment. They are allowing small tour businesses access to more customers, while giving customers the assurance that the businesses they are supporting are committed to maintaining and protecting the environment.

Rentality Founders
The Rentality Team.


Rentality is the two sided marketplace for temporary home rentals. Temporary home rental is anything from a month to a year. Through their platform fills the space in the market between hotels and real estate rentals. It perfectly suits exchange students and anyone needing somewhere to stay for a bit longer. No need to inspect or be approved, just book it and go!

David Hayes
David Hayes - Jeeves Plus Founder & CEO

Jeeves Plus

Jeeves Plus is a multilingual messaging platform the can convert text between 104 languages. What this means is that you can send an English message to someone that only speaks Chinese and the software will convert it into Chinese so the recipient can read it. This software is now being used in Australian hotels to improve the customer experience of those with poor English and other customer service applications using online chat.

Nomad Road Trip Founder
Mia (Left - founder of Nomad Road Trip) & Angela (Rights - Horizons organiser)

Nomad  Road Trip

Nomad Road Trip, a fun concept and something I personally would love to do. It is perfect for travellers, backpackers and digital nomads. When you sign up for a road trip with Nomad Road Trip you are grouped together with some likeminded people and road trip the east coast of Australia. It takes you from Northern Queensland all the way to Tasmania. Cars, accommodation, activities and WIFI hotspots (for those who need to get some work done) are all sorted for you. The adventure goes for 3 months with the first one kicking off in October of 2019. On the way you will experience beaches, hiking, parties, some Australian capital cities and the unreal sights of East Australia.

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