ACT High Country Helicopter Flight

Canberra, ACT

Helicopter adventure through the picturesque Canberra national parks


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Flight for 2
Minimum 2 passengers
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The Canberra High Country Helicopter Tour takes you deep into the wilderness on the western hinterland of Canberra along the New South Wales border. But first, check out Canberra City.

You’ll depart from Canberra Airport on the eastern section of Canberra and begin the trek by heading westward. Along the way, you’ll come across the litter of Aussie landmarks such as Parliament House, Anzac Parade, The High Court, The War Memorial and National Museum. Canberra city is like no other in that there are so many recognisable buildings and thoroughfares. Flying along Lake Burley Griffin in the heart of Canberra is the busy section. And then as you reach the western point of the lake at the National Zoo & Aquarium, the real fun starts.

The helicopter will begin to tend southward toward the Brindabella National Park – a huge section of forestry which sits within the ACT and NSW border. The flight continues to head southward, deeper into the wilderness of the Namadgi National Park. From the mountains and grassy plains to snowy slopes and ash forests, this section of the flight is absolutely spectacular. The flight thoroughly explores the Namadgi National Park and loops back toward base hovering over Mount Taylor.

The High Country Helicopter Tour of Canberra is a premium flight full of excitement, beauty and landmarks. For an entire hour of flight time, the helicopter will take you across a significant portion of the ACT.


  • Parliament House
  • High Court of Australia
  • Australian War Memorial
  • Anzac Parade
  • National Museum
  • Namadgi National Park


  • Loose comfortable clothing - it can get warm in the cockpit
  • Sturdy enclosed footwear - no highheels

Brief t's & c's

  • Max passenger weight: 120kgs
  • Bookings are for individual passengers
  • Media package with video/pictures available
  • Flight commencement subject to clear weather conditions


  • 21 business days or less
    • 75% refund
  • 14 business days or less
    • 50% refund
  • 7 business days or less
    • no refunds
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