Our First little Media Snips

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Our First little Media Snips

In the last few months it has been very exciting to receive a little bit of attention from the media.
Even though it may be small, it is exciting. Our first piece was as a result of the Horizons Demo Day which can be read here. The article is a quick summary of the pitch I did on the night and some of the others. This meant that we got picked up by Brisbane Marketing and the Courier Mail. They put us in a section called 5 second pitch!

Courier Mail AirShare
5 Second Pitch AirShare

I am now using this little pieces to try and turn it into bigger feature pieces and perhaps a news story.
All of this will help us spread the message about scenic flights and ride-sharing them to save our customers money while going on great experiences!
To date AirShare has listings in 13 Australian cities and over 95 different flights and experiences all of which are being ride-shared.
AirShare is also building on it’s networks with not only charter operators but now tour group agents and travel agents.
We are working on this so we are able to reach the backpacker and solo traveler markets, with a look to position our scenic flights as an upsell with a prominent Australian airline.

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