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On the Western Coast of Australia resides Perth – a trendy city of approximately 2 million people and a slew of vibrant spots for sightseeing and community. From CBD joy flights and adrenaline-filled Swan River aerobatic rides to picturesque landscapes over Shark Bay, AirShare is home to the cheapest and best scenic flights available in Perth and Western Australia.

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Isolated from the densely populated Aussie east coast, Perth is sometimes regarded as the forgotten wonder of what represents the modern Australia. It’s exciting architecture props up spectacularly beyond the Western Coastline and the wondrous views from the separated Rottenest Island prove that Perth is not your average city. A trip along the Swan River snaking through Fremantle into the middle of the CBD showcases a range of awesome landmarks and activities around the WA capital. Approximately 750km’s north of Perth resides Shark Bay; an area with indescribable beauty and is widely considered as one of Australia’s best. AirShare offers a range of scenic flights located around Francois Peron and the greater Shark Bay region.

Perth City Flights

For flyers around the Perth CBD, a great low-cost flight is the Perth City Scenic Flight. On the 30 minute joy flight departing from Jandakot Airport, you’ll head north toward Fremantle. With views out to the Indian Ocean, you’ll pivot toward the inner-city along the Swan River and loop back around toward Jandakot. This is fantastic value for the length and quality of the joy ride. A must-do for flyers short on time or money!

About 12km off the Western Shores of Perth sits a beautiful little island surrounded by shades of deep crystal-clear blue waters. The Rottnest Island Scenic Flight takes you to Fremantle and out from the mainland for a lap around the island. As the aircraft loops back around the island, you’ll fly around the CBD before touching back down to base. The Rottnest Flight is great for checking out Perth City and Rottnest Island!

For the adrenaline junkies, the Perth Aerobatic Thrill Flight is a wild ride complete with twists, turns and flips. Being just you and the pilot in the Robin 2160 stunt aircraft, you control the shots. Zip up and around the Swan River through the city and out towards Rottnest Island. If you want more action, just ask! There are (almost) no boundaries on this joy ride!

Shark Bay Scenic Flights

The Francois Peron National Park Scenic Flight is the cheapest flight available from the absolutely stunning Shark Bay. Intended to be a quick cheap flight, you’ll take off over Denham town before heading across to Little (and Big) Lagoon!

You could also hop on the Sunset Francois Peron National Park Scenic Flight. As an addition to the standard Francois Peron Scenic Flight, you’ll also pay visits to the Salty Ponds at Useless Loop and the Sandy Finger of Bellefin Prong! As unlikely as it may seem, the visual banquets these spots offer are more unbelievable than their respective names. This scenic flight will take you on a 40 minute expedition of picturesque landscapes during sunset.

Instead of flying amongst the Francois Peron National Park, the Freycinet Reach Scenic Flight heads northward toward Dorre Island. And we know – it wouldn’t be a true blue Shark Bay flight without it’s stunning landscapes. So you can trust that you’ll be amazed with the sights along this joyride. The Freycinet Peninsula is a quiet little coastline where the colours of the water contrast spectacularly with the land. This is also a great value flight for a 40 minute trip around Shark Bay.

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