Brisbane Introductory Aerobatic Flight Lesson

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Try your hand at flying loops, rolls and ever fly upside down!



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Take control of the awesome Extra 300 aircraft with the guidance of an experienced instructor in Brisbane's most extreme experience! Consisting of a 30 minute briefing before the flight and then a 30 minute hands on aerobatic flight lesson.
Your experience will start at Archerfield Airport in Brisbane and before you know it you are lining up on the runway for departure. Your highly experienced flight instructor will perform the take off and once airborne and at a high altitude the FUN begins! Your instructor will take you through how to a roll, a loop and even inverted flight. All while showing you how to do it and then letting you take control of the aircraft!

The Extra 300 aircraft can pull maneuvers that will cause the occupants to experience up to 10G (10 times the force of gravity) and cruise speeds of 317km/h. For all these reasons it is the most extreme experience in Brisbane, guaranteed to get your heart racing even more than skydiving!


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