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Helicopter Flight to Bruny Island with stopover and lunch



per person
Minimum 2 Passengers


The Bruny Island Helicopter Tour encompasses a collection of treasures around the Hobart and southern Tasmanian region. You will begin the flight by departing from the Cambridge Aerodrome (near Hobart City) in a helicopter. From this point, you will get great views of the city and Hobart Harbour as a forefront to the majestic Mount Wellington in the background.

Once the chopper makes its way well out of the mainland, you’ll continue to following the long Derwent River -one of the largest natural harbours in the southern hemisphere. On the journey down south, you’ll fly between Opossum and Blackmans Bay. Further down you’ll continue over North Bruny and fly over the Bruny Island National Park before heading back up to land at Dennes Point.

Upon arrival at at Dennes Point at North Bruny, you’ll receive a $50 voucher to spend on a delicious lunch at The Jetty Cafe. You’ll have a while on the island so it is the perfect time for some photo opportunities! Take a snap at the jetty or take a walk along the beach. Bruny Island boasts some incredible sights so make sure to make the most of it.

When you’re ready to have lunch, head up to The Jetty Cafe and try some of their outstanding food! It’s also a divine view out of the restaurant out to Dennes Point – the northern coast of the island. And then when you’re ready, let your private pilot know and you’ll jump back in the chopper headed north for Hobart!

On the return trip, you’ll come across the Iron Pot Lighthouse just east of North Bruny near Clifton Beach. Then there are the eastern shores of Hobart as you approach closer to the mainland. Once you arrive in Hobart, the chopper will touch back down in Cambridge.

The Bruny Island Helicopter flight is a fantastic day out if you’re in Hobart. It is a relaxed and special afternoon on one of the most southern points of Australia.


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