Sunshine Coast Tandem Skydive From 10,000 ft

Sunshine CoastSkydiving

Sunshine Coast Skydive



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This flying adventure departs from Caloundra airport, where you will enjoy a 15-20 minute scenic flight at you climb to the final altitude of 10,000 ft. From the windows and out the open door of the aircraft as you climb, you will have a gorgeous view of the beaches, ocean and the stunning Sunshine Coast hinterlands. And the view only gets better on the way down!

Once at 10,000 ft, the main event begins! Your skydive instructor will take you out the side of the aircraft and count down for the drop. 3…2…1… the air rushes past your face as you accelerate towards the surface of the Earth. Upon reaching a terminal velocity of 200 km/h and after 35 seconds of free fall you will open the shoot and gently sail back down to the surface. It’s a serious rush!


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